Wholesale Broadband & Leased Lines that make you more competitive

Wholesale Broadband

Our wholesale broadband products, SoGEA and Ultrafast FTTP enable you to offer a reliable connectivity service to your customers, nationally. 

Becoming a partner couldn't be easier. You partner with us, and then resell our connectivity to your clients with your own mark-up. You set the price, arrange billing and look after your customer directly while taking advantage of our our 100Gbps National Network, Premier Support offering and partner control panel.

If you have your own Network, RADIUS and IP Addresses we can hand off this service to you via L2TP, giving you greater control. 

About our Network

Wholesale Leased Lines

With a commitment to delivering unmatched reliability and high-speed performance, our leased lines provide the foundation for seamless operations. As a valued partner, you gain access to our cutting-edge MPLS and multisite connectivity solutions, enabling you to offer clients a network infrastructure that evolves with their needs.

We have a multitude of options for both primary and backup connections following full diverse paths, nationally. If your clients have more complex multi-site requirements our sales and technical teams can help you win opportunities all on a 'white-label' basis.

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Whether it's a few or thousands of SoGEA, FTTP or leased line services, rest assured, we've got your connectivity needs covered. Let us be your partner in seamless and scalable network solutions.

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Partner FAQ's

Are your Partner Services 'White-label' ?

Yes, our partner portal and broadband login details are all white-label. Our premier support phone number is also answered without any reference to VeloxServ.

Do you offer L2TP Handoff?

Yes, you can use your own Network, Radius and IP Addresses and we'll hand off your services on a Layer2 circuit. Alternatively we can provide you with a ready to go solution using our Infrastructure.